Over , Through & Around

Life…Something we bit by bit get to learn about , surrounded by so many feelings , desires and things that come about to shape our personality into who we become today..

But with everything new you accomplish , learn , grasp or undertake comes a challenge.. Depending on many things the nature of the challenge takes form. From love to careers, from hobbies to solving problems.. But if you take a deeper look into the matter you find it’s all about pretty much solving problems or overcoming the challenge that faces you.. in Short.. Overcoming the wall..

I pretty much like to describe it this way.. That everything that challenges you is like some sort or form of wall also depending on many things comes the nature of the wall and how difficult or easy it is to overcome it.

But I am not here to discuss the walls we easily overcome but those we stand against for years and years.. Many I know in different and various situations stumble upon a challenge or problem that can be represented by a wall.. But the issue here is not why is it taking them so long to overcome the problem but more or less what’s stopping them? What’s getting in their way to overcome it?

From my observation I noticed that people sometimes undertake different strategies but some of the two most common strategies is the “Wait”  & “Head-banging” ..

So basically the “Wait” strategy as the word refers to is basically the person challenged just waits in the hopes of wall practically eliminating it self which of course will not happen! Also some use the modified version of “Wait” Strategy which is the “Wait & Forget” , which is basically that the person just goes and keeps themselves busy with something else and pretends even sometimes that the wall doesn’t exist and hope that still the wall will go by itself.. Problem remains is that the wall is still there and eventually one of those days they will have to face that wall.. Some never face the wall again but also they have never got see what’s on the other side.

The second strategy is the one which I call  the “Head-banging” strategy, the naming is not related in anyway to rock or metal music lovers but simply that people try to solve their problems or overcome their walls by simply hitting their heads against the wall in the hopes that the wall will break.. Well tough luck on this one and you will need a lot of Panadol and bandage!

The positive part about the Head-Bangers is that unlike their Wait counterparts they don’t want to just wait for things to get solved on their own.. They take matters into their own hands and begin to push back and they put in tremendous amounts of effort which is very commendable and admirable.. But and there will always be a but somewhere.. The problem with Head-Bangers is that the way they attempt to overcome the wall will get them no where so you end up by them trying , trying & trying more without really achieving any results.. Which in returns has it’s own consequences on how they feel and their mental stamina.. Since it gets all drained and they sometimes give into a depression and they will usually tell you at that point “I tried.. But it didn’t work out!”

Very true they did try and they did try very hard but the question that I always like to ask  ” Did they try in the right way?” and when I say so I do not mean that there is some sort of magic wand that will just help you every time or there’s a one solution fits for all sort of thing.

But what I mean is actually “Did they check out what’s the problem?” , “Did they analyse it properly?” , “Did they get to understand what are the strength and weak points of that wall ?”

The usual answer I’ve personally come across is a simple “No” because many people rely on the past experiences they’ve seen and just attempt to implement them without even giving it a thought.  So they like to learn mainly by trial and error but because they repeat the same behaviour each time it ends up in becoming trial & continuous error.

To be able to solve or overcome the wall you must begin to realize that you need to understand that wall, what’s it made of?  Where are it’s weak-spots, strength points?

Begin to ask yourself all these sort of questions about the problem ,challenge or wall you are facing and bit by bit you will begin to find the ansvector-of-a-cartoon-man-pushing-against-a-brick-wall-coloring-page-outline-by-ron-leishman-13540wers you seek, maybe not all of them but eventually you get more understanding of your situation and you will no long use the suicidal frontal head-banging attack any more.

In fact you will begin to pay attention to things you didn’t notice before , such as tools? something that might help you break through the wall! Or that the wall isn’t really very tall so maybe you can climb over it. Or it has a corner somewhere where you might be able to get around it!

All of these sort of ideas will begin to show up in your mind the more you spend time in the  analysis of the situation more and understanding more about the challenge you are facing..

Bit by bit you will begin to learn the hang of it and understand more about yourself and the walls you face in your life.. You may even begin to be able to predict the type of wall that will come your way and come prepared for it sometimes..

Having said all this , doesn’t mean it’s an easy to do 1,2,3 sort of thing, and it doesn’t mean you will not fall by trying to climb the wall or go about to find a corner and find it’s not there or that even the tools you found are just not going to be helpful enough..

No one can guarantee you success in each and everything but you have to build the hope , stamina and persistence to go on , to advance, to accept the challenge and not let your fear take over you .. Always remember , everyone stumbled and fell, everyone ran into walls and hurt their heads and shoulders at one point or another and not necessarily in the same area where you suffered most..

Pain will be there but so is relief, failure will be there but so is success…Try your best and don’t give up, learn and understand your challenges make sure you are not putting a lot of efforts simply in the wrong direction..

Know who you are.. Know the wall that faces you and then decide..

Over? Through? Or Around?

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