Another Day But me..

Never in my live have I been..
Challenging for the #1 scene..
Never really looking for the spotlight
Just satisfied that I got it right..
Caring more about the right thing..
Never attracted to all the bling..
Although it was never bad sounding to me..
All things that everyone wanted to be..
Making Money
Growing in power
Reaching the hilltops
Finding the glamour..
I’ve always been satisfied with me..
Doing my best as I can see..
Learning along my way
New things
New Lessons Everyday
Money is nice to have
Power..Is something I never crave
Odd it is to be me..
Someone who just wants to be..
In a world of You’re something
Or simply you’re nothing at all
Is it sad just to be me ?
Is it crazy just to think like this ?
But I am just going to try
Give it all and I have to reach and fly

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