The Journey to Barawita – Pt.1

full_queretaro-airport-customs2He walked up to the customs upon his arrival to the country of Barawita.. Armed with only his trolley and travel luggage he was determined to discover the country of Barawita with all the charm , mystery , rich history..Eyes Closed for a second dreaming  and listening to the music for a moment coming from his Eyepo, everything came to a screeching halt when a voice interrupted him “ Weclome to Barawita Serrrr! Do you haf anything to declare?”

Confusous was caught for a moment with the question and politely removed his headphone and responded “Well.. No sir, nothing of major interest except my clothes!”

The customs agent responded “Gud gud! Do you have any currency? Mollar ? Buro ? Jen ? Divams?”

Confusous shook his headed while answering “Not really just enough for my travel and stay!”

“Show me bleaz “replied the agent…

Confusous took out his wallet and showed him the currency he had on him , about 500 Mollars..

The agent shook his head nodding silently .. He then took a look around the bags and started to squeeze them as if he was trying to check if the bags were flexible enough , Confusous could swear this guy was suitable to work in a bakery for the amount of pressing and pressure he puts on the bag , he almost even sat on one to check if there’s anything in it..

After five minutes of continues messing around with the bags..

He points to a small  handbag.. “This one on za countar bleaz!”

Confusous took and placed it on the counter and went to open it for him , but was stopped by the agent “Wait bleaz!! Don’t Tatch ! “

Confusous backed away and let the man do his job , so far this was not giving him the kick start to Barawita he was looking for but he was not about to let that stand in his way..

The agent opened the bag and began scouring through the clothes and almost had half the bag out of it and then turned to confusous and told him “ Ok , no broblem Serrr”

He then passed next to Confusous , gave him his passport  and said “have a nice ztay in Barawita Serrrr”  and left

Confusous turned to him “ But the bag !! “ , so the agent turned back at him and smiled “Oh yes of corse!! You can put it bag together and enjoy your stay in Barawita ! lots of stuff to see!” and he left

Confusous  looked dumbstruck for a few moments not grasping the situation before silently putting back his bag together and leaving the airport.. Confusous shook his head and said to himself “This will not be my journey ! my journey will be a lot more interesting .. This is just a slight inconvenience…Yeah that’s what it is.. A Slight inconvenience..” Confusous went on to leave the airport and continue his journey


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