The Journey to Barawita – Pt.2

Confusous walked out of the Barawita international airport quite excited and taking a deep taxi-driverbreath that he’s finally out! “Now I can begin my journey in this mystical land. This land of beauty.. This land..of” and before he finished his sentence a voice interrupted him ” Taxi Serr”

Confusous replied! “While yes please !! the six weathers hotel please!”  , “right away the taxi driver answered!” and he led Confusous to his cab where he put his luggage in the trunk and Confusous rode in the back..

The driver took off t the hotel and while driving began to talk excitedly ” Welcome to Barawita Serr!! Lot beautchiful monumant to see here!! Good Souffanir too!!”

“Yes , I know , I want to see the inverted triangular steps! the museums , the river and the sea.. there is so much I want to see!” Confusous answered with a sheer sense of  excitment..

The Taxi driver shook his head in agreement “But of course!! We have a lot of things..” He then smiled while giving a smirk ” I can be your driver during your stay serr.. I know all blaces and all monumants!! I give you a good time Serr!”

Confusous thought for a moment and then said “Why not?” And smiled back and asked ” What’s your name ?” , the taxi driver replied ” Attabaloo”, Serr!”

Confusous shook his head nodding “Great , I am Confusous! coming from Karathia!”

The driver shook his head “Great! I am from a little city called Gonash south of the capital Kahrata… Kahrata’s a very big city , everyone wants to come here it’s the land of opportunity , there’s money , pretty girls, good jobs and good places to live!!! it’s here that I met my wife!! And now I have 3 sons and 2 daughters , Halawa, Baklawa ,Homos , Moza and Loza ” he then added “Moza &Loza are the daughters so all the rest are the boys..

Confusous nodded “Nice , you have a big family!”

“yesss Serr!! we love kids serr!!” Attabaloo replied and then added “My wife Zalabya is a fine woman !! she cooks very well.. Very talkative lady though.. She knows about everything that geos around in the neighbourhood!! Can you imagine yesterday she sat for 15 minutes to watch a fight between the vegetable seller , her name is Kanaka by the way, so this lady Kanaka was having a fight with one of her regular customers! Jibalee , Jibalee is the wife of the local butcher Satorou, a very big man you don’t want to mess with he likes of him!! Satoroo met Jibalee when he was out of the army before he opened up his shop and they have 4 children…”

Confusous was starting to get lost and interrupted nicely “interesting story Attabaloo, are we far from the hotel?”

Attabaloo “no no no , very close serr about 10 mins.. So where was I .. Oh yes.. My wife Zalabya.. Yes Yes.. She watched the fight between Jibalee and Kanaka.. Kanaka wanted to sell Jibalee the kilo of tomatoes for ten Divams.. Can you imagine !! 10 Divams !! What is the world coming to!! You know the other day the government declared a new price for almost everything !! I swear ! It was crazy .. Everyone’s trying to live and get by.. Anyway we don’t know what the government wants but God bless the bresident i don’t know what’s his name I always forget it .. Ah president Korsi… Nice guy.. No brain if you ask me.. But we survive we always survive !! He tries really…. But he sort of tries on us !! If you know what I mean ?… No blan .. No action.. Just suddan decision!!  He zleeps comes up with decision.. Bong it’s there!”

Confusous tried to interrupt the nice story as he saw the sign of the hotel pass by them and said “Attabaloo , the hotel!! ”

“Don’t worry Serr !! I told you 10 more minutes!! Serr! So where was I …” Attabaloo replied

“Now I know why you married your wife Attabaloo , But we passed the hotel!”  said Confusous

“We didn’t Serr…” But Attabaloo began to look around for a minute before.. saying “Maybe you are right serr.. Ah we just go back from here”

Attabalook drove the car around broke a few traffic lights and almost ran into 4 different cars by that time Confuous was almost shrinking in his place..

“What are you doing you crazy old man !!” Confusous shouted as he feared for his life!

“Serr this is normal driving I am not doing anything extra.. Welcome to Barawita.. Be brave Serr …You know I once…” But before he could continue Confusous shouted “STOP THE HOTEL!!! FOR GOD’s SAKE PLEASE STOP !!”

“Oh … There we are Serr!!! You are right !! Very nice man you are !! ”

Confusous was so close to get out of the car and kiss the ground from just those last 5 minutes of driving ! And got his stuff out and then leaned against the window..

“So what’s the fare? Counter? ” Confusous said and Attabaloo replied “No counter here serr, just for showing! we don’t use !! ”

“Oh ok .. So how much ?? but I only have Mollars for now!” Confusous shook his head a he replied back ..

Attabaloo smiled as he felt he’s about to land on a gold mine! “Ok , serr only for you because you are a nice guy …100 Mollars! Very good price”

“100 ? Are you serious ? 100 Mollars for a 20 minute drive !!” Confusous replied and everything in his stomach told him he’s being ripped off and ripped off badly !!

Attabaloo smiled ” Serr seriously this is a very good price and this is a very exbensive country .. I can tell you it’s a good brice!”

“No..50 Mollars is all am paying!!” Confusous replied with a steady tone..

” ok ok ok I give you another zbecial brice ! 80! Very good brice serr no one gives that brice to you !”

“50 take it or leave it ?” Confusous added feeling sort of he’s about to win a battle of haggling !

Attabaloo thinks to himself.. “ok ok just for you and just because you are zbecial customer and I like you a lot 65!”

“50 and that’s it.. ” And Confusous began to turn around to leave into the hotel..

“ok ok ok 50 Serr 50” Attabloo shouted.. And Confusous smiled and gave him the money.. “I will see you tomorrow at 10 am , ok ?” Confusous added

“Yes Serr..”

Confusous waved good bye and went into the hotel all proud of himself for winning that haggle and as he was doing his checkin at the hotel ” By any chance what is the general average from the airport to the hotel if you are paying in Mollars?”

The receptionist answered ” Well Sir maximum 10 Mollars , 15 if you are generous..”

Confusous smiled and deep inside him there was a voice “Damn I’ve been had!!!!”

Confusous smiled and continued his checkin and went up to his room…

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