The final moments of Cleopatra….

The time.. is.. the year 30 bc.. Somewhere in the Egyptian Kingdom.. The queen of queens , the lady of ladies.. Is filled with sadness , her emotions flowing so ever with grief as her heart is torn to the loss of her lover.. She is.. Queen Cleopatra..As we enter her chambers..

Cleopatra : Titiiiiiiiiiiiiiii raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (titi-raa is Cleopatra’s personal assistant)

Again the voice shouts : Titi Raaaaaaaaa where are you , you useless  , no good for nothing assistant !! what have I done in this world !! I get the wrong guy and now I can’t even commit suicide in an elegant way !!

A quick and hasty Titi-Raa comes running quickly ..

Titi-Raa: yes, Your Majesty !! here I am I was just getting the cobras ready And preparing the milk for the pool…

Cleopatra frowned as she replied back “ Always late ! Always late!! Is it not enough that I have fell in love with a loser ! First Caeser and he dies ! no Mark Anthony and he dies too !”

Titi-Raa: But Majesty why do you have to die ? Why don’t you just follow the one who conquers! It worked the first time !!

Cleopatra slapped her chest : And you want them to say am a woman who has her way with men !! what kind of a queen am I ???

Titi-Raa : Well.. *cough* …..*slut* …*cough*

Cleopatra shouted : Speak up girl ?

Titi-Raa responded : I mean to say … Well it was just an idea..

Cleopatra waved her hand in a (whatever ) manner and walked to her wardrobe… Then opened it and looked at it in a gaze of loss.. “What should I wear ? Blue… Naaah.. Too Nileish… , Pink? Too romantic and reminds me of this loser Mark Anthonty! Beige ?… What do you think Titi-Raa..

Titi-Raa scratched her head for a minute: Well you are going to die ? Does it make a difference me lady ?

Cleopatra’s eyes rolled : Titi , Titi , Titi … When will you learn ?? I am a queen , I am Cleopatra !! Do you understand.. Even when I die it should be in Style !! So I’ll go for beige… Second question.. Egyptian Flats of Greek Stone Heels?

Titi-Raa tried not to answer.. But Cleopatra came back “ You can’t give a single piece of advice.. Ok flats its is.. After all I am Egyptian!”

Titi-Raa coughed to the side “Half!”

Cleopatra walked around and changed her clothes..And then went out to inspect the dying scene..

Cleopatra smiled “Perfect darling , Perfect!”

Titi scratched her head before asking : Dying me lady ?

Cleopatra smiled : of course dear , even dying has its grandieur ! you have to die like a queen..

Cleopatra asked Titi : so are the Cobras and poisoned wine ready ?

Titi answered : Yes me lady!

Cleopatra smiled more: Good.. Now to think of a pose..

Titi-Raa asked : A what ?

Cleopatra answered : A pose you fool ! A pose !! A death pose..

Cleopatra scoured the room with her eyes looking for a spot until her eyes set on a Marble bench near the pool..

Cleopatra motioned to Titi to follow her : There get the stuff and follow me!

Titi carried the wine and the box containing the cobras and followed her.

Cleopatra kicked off one of her flats and sat on the bench taking a pose as she laid on the bench..

“So is this nice ? “ Cleopatra asked , “or should I lean more to the front or arch myself to the back.. ? Is my bum showing ? do I look fat in this pose ? Say something you dim-witted assistant!” Cleopatra scram at the girl

Titi-Raa:Your majesty.. You look ….

Cleopatra interrupted her with a motion from her hand and arched herself a bit more and said “Yes that’s it.. Dangling one hand from the bench !! See this is how queens do it!”

Titi-Raa murmured to herself “If she doesn’t die soon I’ll kill her!”

“What did you say?” Said Cleopatra …

Titia-Raa smiled and replied “Nothing your Majesty , just amazed at your obvious intellect and style!”

“Of course , of course , now I need a punch line , something to die with me and keep my name engraved in history … I’ll come up with idea you tell me if its good or no ok ?“ Cleopatra added

Titi-Raa replied : sure your Majesty

Cleopatra began :  I am the daughter of the nile!

Titi shook her head …

“I am the sun of Raa and the light of Amon”

Titi shook her head again ..

“Oh Cobra poison me!”

Titi shook her head once more..

“I Shall return!”

Titi replied “Taken by Douglas McArthur!”

“I’ll be back”

Titi added “ Arnold Schwarznager”

“Ok ok ok ok  a last one .. I am the Nile. I will have sons. Isis has told me. “

Titi shook her head like ok “ not too shabby , too Elisabeth Taylorish but will pass..”

Cleopatra opened up the snake box and took one out and kissed it… And as it bit it .. Said her last words… A few seconds later.. She was dead..

Titi-Raa watched and then went for the wine.. “ I don’t know why these people waste good wiiiinnne……”


And Titi fell next to her Queen and that was the end of Cleopatra.. In a time long long ago.. In a place far far away…



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