Ramblings of thoughts

*steps up to a stand with a microphone and looks quietly with a sense of seduction an unopened bottle of water..and then shakes his mind off the idea..* Dear fellow humans, friends , similar species.. Everything in life.. Is give and take.. Nothing we do is eternally or remotely granted… Just when you think you have things SEALED.. Closed from every angle.. There’s always the uncontrollable, from volcanoes to people dying to simply people changing their darn freaking mind.. And can throw away every effort you’ve done in big black-hole of no return.. Or maybe there are chances of return.. But in the end things will really… South… (no offense to fellow southerners all over the world.. We love you..But when things go south.. they really go south) … So back to South .. Things go really bad.. What’s normal is to get pissed off.. Angry… Curse , kick and smash.. Yep you are human and it feels like you’re some Christmas tree full of buttons and someone just lit you up! everything goes berserk! Letting out some steam is good and healthy.. But don’t let it over work you, don’t let it push you in this corner where you are drained.. Weak … And you simply give up… Or just lose momentum and hope in life… No matter how successful or unsuccessful you are.. it’s relative.. Stuff will happen stuff will blow up in your face unannounced.. If every time something was going to go wrong man would have had a special fairy or advisor to warn them priory wouldn’t life be just sunshine and rainbows ? BUT IT AIN’T .. *shakes his head* No SIR/ NO ME LADY … IT never has happened or will happen that way.. But what we should do .. Is learn.. Prepare..Try to think more about our approaches in life.. About why we decide to things this way or that way ? why in insist on solving the same darn problem in a certain manner while we know we already tried this like 10,000 times already and IT DOESN’T WORK!!! Think of it like this.. There’s a wall and you simply choose to get through it ..But headbutting it ! No my friend .. It ain’t going to work out.. You will get a head-ache , get dizzy , bleed and probably drop after few times.. But that wall is going to stay put right where it is !

Accept the challenges of life.. Accept the downfalls.. And push back at them.. Learn how to navigate through them.. Learn how to deal with your weaker self.. How to get it back on its feet.. You’ve learned how to walk since your toes were as soft as hotel pillow… And yet till the day you die.. You will trip and fall.. I don’t see you trying to stop walking again… Rubbish right ? No.. Because such is life.. It will push you over and push you off balance.. You will fall.. But get back up and dust yourself and move on!
Thank you !
Morning Ramblings of madman!

*steps down… Takes the bottle of water..Looks at it and whispers “SOON”*

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