Silver Threads (1)

Beyond the shores of Achaea in the ancient lands of Greece, under the depth of the waves of Aegean sea reigned Phorcys…Deity of the depths dangers.. A cruel and and Ruthless God who in his youth took pleasure in tormenting sailors and creatures alike.. He would be punished countless times by Poseidon.. But being one of his most loyal and powerful generals Poseidon couldn’t afford to completely attempt even to exile him…

A deep blue colored skin with a chest that can tell the stories of countless battles against fearsome foes.. It is even rumored he took two cyclopses into the depths of his cave where he tortured them for a hundred years before finally deciding he has had enough of them and put an end to their life..

He was also marked by a big red scar that was inflicted by Poseidon when he one time unleashed several of his monsters to attack humans ashore and caused havoc among 200 peasants and Zeus was furious and summoned Poseidon and wanted  to banish Phorcys into the depths of Cronos for eternity if it was not for Poseidon.. Phorcys would be serving the lord of the underworld for all his eternity.

Furious as he was for receiving such reprimand from Zeus, Poseidon decided to punish Phorcys for his actions and so with his trident he tore through his flesh causing that unforgettable wound that would cause so much pain on that day that Phorcys would have to swim fifty times around the world just to ease the pain..

Phorcys was very cunning and found great importance in spying on the humans.. One day he spotted a small boat and then two men pushed a load off the boat and into the wild waters of the ocean..

Phorcys instantly left his place and went to check out the drowning load as the fishermen left the spot almost as soon as they dropped off the load they had.

Phorcys arrived and carried the load between his arms and it turned out to be rags that covered something..

He pushed up to the surface making sure no one saw him.. And headed to a nearby shore.. And began to unfold the rags.. And underneath the fold was a woman..But not any woman , a woman of beauty and charm enough to bring have the deities to their knees

She had red fiery and green emerald eyes..

He began to blow against her face as she began to slowly regain her consciousness  , Phorcys  could not comprehend why is he helping this woman.. But something dictated it to him..

The woman sat and leaned against Phorcys as she looked into his eyes.. She could feel the pain of a thousand years in his eyes ..

It there that Phorcys for the very first time experienced passion a feeling that he would only cherish and love unconditionally from this woman, but he knew the rules all too well.. No deity is to come near humans in terms of relationship…

But rules do not go always as planned even in the land of deities..

Ten months later that woman who lived at a cave nearby and ashore delivered a girl.. A silver haired girl with semi-green and semi-red eyes.. “By Zeus, your beauty is only matched by Heaven!” Phorcys said as soon as his eyes were set on her..


She was very beautiful and very charming..And Hera found out and had the woman taken away which made Phorcys furious but he knew he couldn’t handle Hera on his own… And this time Poseidon was not going to help him.. So he hid the girl at a nearby village with some older people who didn’t know who is the girl .. He called her Zafira..

Zafira who grew with the elders had no idea of who her real father was and therefore never knew that she in fact was a demi-God..

Years passed and Phorcys got married and had two children… His wife Ceto was not the type who gives in for anyone ,so she normally followed Phorcys only to realize that he had another Daughter.. In fact a third one..

Ceto was very bothered to the extent that one day she sent Phorcys to fetch new loyal subjects who will visit their temples more often and offer more sacrifice  to their deity.

Ceto was the daughter of Pontus and Gaia and  Ceto had a very strong , powerful , maneuverable and she grew to become a strong Goddess and picked Phorcys over several hundreds of proposers..

And then later on Ceto discovered that this girl opposed as a s threat to her and her daughter and one night she slipped a potion in her water supply and on the following day Zafira unaware drank from the water and as she returned to her house she felt very dizzy and so much in control .. She felt something was bound to change.. But she couldn’t comprehend and preferred to move on and sleep.. And she closed her eyes and relaxed into the into the depths of her dreams..

It was not until she woke up and accidently realized what had happened.. She had bee nn transformed info the inexplicable.. .

She lost her control and went out and as soon as the people saw her it was then that the whole village was in the state of complete chaos.. And she had no idea where to  go … She was stuck with the realizations that just revealed themselves to her and made her feel more and angry at this point she realized she had to leave and hide.. The shock she felt and what was about to revealed would be more than what anyone imagined.. Ceto observed with content from a long distance and with Phorcys away on a mission  ,  the road was all paved clearly for her.. “No one shall rival my daughters in beauty or else they must die..This girl can never put herself at the same level of my children.. EVER” Ceto exclaimed..  To her it was a victory..

On the other hand Zafira fled the village into a very dark and secretive garden , this is where she hid and observed the humans every day and was to oversee the work on these ends..

She found a broken shard of a mirror on the ground.. She could only but try hard not to look at it.. And as soon as it was close enough …The horror..The terror … The fires only matched by those of Cronos matched what Zafira felt…

(To be continued)

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