Red , Blue , Black & White

Somewhere in the farthest corners of the brain.. Are sitting four friends.. Playing poker…

Black: I say he shoots himself!!

White: Good grief man!! Why?? Why do you want to end this man’s life?

Black:  You call this a life.. ??

White: No one said it would be a walk in the park but shoot himself come on??? No wonder you’re called black!!

Blue plays his card and adds: but it is pretty sad.. You know this world is full of sadness and misery… Green and pink packed up and left long time ago!! It’s really sad.. There’s no hope.. Only thing left is to sing the blues…

White: not even you blue.. I mean I know you’re sad and all… But come on cut the guy some slack!!  And Pink and Green.. Well I think they’re just on vacation for a bit? Maybe!! Always have hope!

Red cut in the middle of the conversation: Play black!! Play man!! The new century will dawn while we’re waiting for you to play!! Isn’t it enough I have to put up with the people this guy meets !! Pfft I just want to blast them all … They all need to … mmmm … You know get a steamroller and roll over them all …Yeah that’s the thing to do.. Am pissed.. Am Angry and I would gladly shoot somebody if that damned person would just let me have a go at him.. I will change his life upside down !!

White replied shaking his head : upside down alright mate !! You’ll put him right in jail !!

Red looked at him: ain’t that better than sitting at his desk all day long being bossed by this and that.. Wasting his time trying to achieve targets … Just running around himself just trying to make the ends meet, pay the bills.. bla bla bla bla , it’s a waste of time I tell ya !! Let’s just live a life full of anger… You know let the blood circulate …

Black interrupted:  I say he shoots himself!!

Blue: or live in a pool of sadness and live on broken memories!!!

White looked at them with amazement: you guys are sick!!!

Red: Oh yeah?? I take you’re the only sane one with all your mushy.. Be good to others stuff..Try your best.. Nothing comes without trying … All this self esteem boosting mumbo jumbo stuff.. It just doesn’t cut it dude!!

White : A- it’s not mumbo jumbo , and B- a lot of people have succeeded with that… Of course a lot more fewer than the unsuccessful ones but still proves a point !! Where’s anything good or right with you guys !! give the guy something to live for !!

Blue raised one eye brows before looking at white: ain’t you gonna pack and join Pink and Green?

White answered angrily: Never!!! You want to get rid of me so you can corrupt this poor man’s soul!!

Black responded calmly: I still say he shoots himself!!

Red threw his cards on the table in anger: Shut the hell up black if he shoots himself we all die!!!

Blue thought for a moment about what black said and then added frantically: and put an end to all the sadness and misery!! NOOOOO…. We must live in despair.. Pain.. Agony…Ohhh the lost memories..

Red turned to Black and whispered in his ears : Can you just shoot blue ??? 3 or even 2 of us are enough trust me!!

White raised his voice: Come on people!!! You’re killing this man!!

Black smiled enthusiastically: So he’s going to die???

White face smacked himself: For anyone’s sake Black!! Shut up!!

Red shook his head and  said : I say I shoot all three of you and take all your money..

White responded : There’s no point in any of what you’re saying but making this man’s life even more miserable.. You have to help this man progress and develop .. Become better..

A deep voice from within the brain interrupted them as it echoed in their room:  CAN YOU ALL SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET ME WORK !

All four looked at each other and went back to their game of poker silently…

The deep voice came again: THANK YOU !




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