Any Given Day

He was sitting in the living room holding one of the history books in his hands, his daughter always made fun of him as to how he doesn’t read via the new technology , e-books and stuff but it was really hard to explain to her that the fact of holding the book in one’s hand is just another joy… Pretty much he could understand the difference between him when used play computer games and as to how his parents saw it..

“Dad ? Are you free for a minute ? ” the voice came … And he lowered his book knowing that his fourteen year old daughter is about to walk in the room and probably when there’s “free for a minute” involved it means there’s quite a subject to be handled..

“Sure dear ,come tell me….” he replied casually as she walked in anyway since before he replied , she knew her dad was going to answer her anyway or else she will keep haunting him till he does!

So she sits in a nearby chair and just takes a side pose looking at him.. She was fourteen about 5 foot 2′ with a slender body and curly  dark brown hair and hazel eyes , she was wearing a spring dress covered in flowers of various colours.. He on the other hand sat in his regular sweatpants and t-shirt , he had grey hair covering from the sides of his head at ear length … He had the same shade of dark brown hair as his daughter but had different eye colour, she had taken hers from her mother…

He put the book aside and turned to her slightly ” so what can I do for you dear ?”

She looked up a bit making a bit of a face as if she was just trying to think or prepare a chemical formula that she is not sure of or an experiment she’s not sure of how to perform… So he smiled “It’s that difficult to put? ”

She shook her head having one eye open trying to get him to guess it’s sort of difficult…

“So here it goes” she says before adding “Why Marry ? Why mom?”

He hears out the question.. Takes a deep breath… Before adding “Ok…. That’s a tricky one! ” he smiled as he said it .. “So why did I marry your mom you mean? ”

She replied shaking her shoulders “Not exactly.. Why marry in the first place , and then why marry mom second!”

“Has this got anything to do with you getting grounded a couple of weeks back!” smiles and giggles as he asks that

She waves her arms in a no sign before she added “No no no on …  Don’t get me wrong… But you know I look all around me , class mates and stuff and I look at our family… You do realize we’re kind of odd you know?”

“odd?” he smiled as he said it …

“Yeah well… We sort of like hanging out together.. You are always around discussing stuff sharing stuff.. Mom is always engaged in our lives and engages us in hers.. Takes our opinion even about you !” She added

“So she does?? now Does she ?? hmmm” he added rubbing his chin with his fingers .. ” Well that’s interesting to know!” he smiled

“Now apart from that you still didn’t answer my question..” she smiled with her light brown eyes waiting eagerly for an answer..

Then she added ” I mean take a look around , a lot of people are just hitting it off just living together , no strings attached , others just live on casual relationships , others just don’t give a damn about anything and just live for themselves.. So what’s so special about marriage ? Just a piece of paper ? I mean where’s the value? I mean before you had those bunch of rules you all had to follow and so on but now.. The world has evolved.. Who needs any of that any more?”

His smiled got broader listening to her.. “Well your’e a smart one ain’t you ? Well as plain and as bland as you’re making marriage sound… Marriage is not a piece of paper or a ring.. Or just a bunch of vows people say down the aisle or verses of  Quran they read while holding hands, marriage is something more valuable than this.. It’s a bond.. It’s a commitment ,  a promise,…”

He paused for a moment then added ” Marriage is something you do when you feel you’ve found this special one that you know , you can just feel it in your gut , in every cell of your body.. This is  the one you want to spend your life with , this is the one , you can get through thick and thin with , this is someone who will not just walk out of the door when things get sour..And yes some people do that without being committed or tied by any sort of formality but then again this formality has always had a value.. It’s just that we have a stripped off it’s value and cut it into small tiny pieces and try to get them to mix and match as much as we wanted..Marriage is not about buying the groceries , having kids such as yourself or so.. Marriage is a life , it’s another world.. Just like friendship but on a whole new level…Imagine your world without friends.. Although you new kids on the block always spend your time in front of your digital imaging gadgets.. But still those you really consider yourself good friends, imagine your life without them… Now marriage on the other hand is that whole new being in your life.. It’s like a baby , you nurture it , take care of it , love it , fight for it , defend it , attack those who try to mess with it.. It’s like that ”

her eye brows went up..  she never thought that amount of explanation could come out for one word or even anything in life !  And then she added ” Ok… I think this will take some time to sink with me.. But there’s still the other part of my question .. Why mom ? You guys are so totally different.. And honestly I sometimes hate both your guts but on separate days , never together.. But still I get so irritated and upset if you guys fight! So why marry someone who’s THAT DIFFERENT FROM YOU…  ”

He laughed this time unable to hold himself back , ” So you hate our guts ha ? Well that’s part of what we do , we can’t always please everyone specially when you trying to teach someone something they don’t necessarily like or realize it’s value but lets keep that for another discussion.. The reason I chose your mom is not because we are or are not alike.. Relationships are just not a matter of boots or shoes .. Ah it fits then you just go ahead and snap it on and get going..”

He looked at her and smiled ” it’s a lot more  than just that.. There’s a part where you just see this person and everything feels right .. And then your brain begins to step in and works on checking that everything that the heart is feeling is indeed making sense , pretty much like putting a puzzle together.. It’s that sort of magic like when chemicals react.. Some people react , others don’t but not just that … It’s how people work , develop together.. Some just don’t .. Some people just rely on love.. Now love is important don’t mistake that.. But there’s also a lot of teamwork involved, there’s a lot of give and take.. Your mom for example is able to handle how much I can be a pain in the neck sometimes..”

She nodded ” I can vouch for that!”

He smiled and continued ” She knows when something’s wrong even if you and your brother never feel a thing and I am pretending everything is just fine..She accepts me with all my defects as well as my good points.. She stands by me because of simply being me.. No matter how much of a grouch I can be.. Or difficult to handle sometimes.. That’s the magic that happens when love intertwines with your brain and they work together.. Not each on their own.. This just gives life a better meaning.. A better definition .. A more valuable purpose… Something that no one else would ever add in your life.. Something about the person you meet feels right from every angle, your entire being says so .. And the more you get to know them , that feeling grows .. And that’s how it is with your mother.. It was never about just how we are or are not alike.. It’s a lot of things combined ”

She bit the side of her lip… “You never liked another woman ? Never fell in love before her ? IF she disappears couldn’t you love someone else?”

“oh boy…” he raised his eye brows ” I knew that mouth of yours one day will get me in trouble!”

he giggled and added ” Well before your mom , I can say yes , I’ve liked plenty , and I’ve fell in love several times.. But each is different , you can never love 2 people the same way EXACTLY.. As for your mother disappearing God forbid ! I couldn’t tell you , if I would yes or no , because I didn’t try that yet .. AND I HOPE NOT! ”

He whispers jokingly “I don’t want my head cut off you know!”

She giggled as he continued on ” No one can say with the absence of someone in their life , what would happen  , people at best would just try predict or estimate, and that doesn’t mean it will or will not happen! ”

She looked at him knowing there’s a lot more she probably doesn’t understand as of yet.. And she looks at him and asks him “Do you mind if I come back and ask this again one day ?”

He smiled “Any given day…”

She knew he meant it .. She smiled.. went and hugged him and headed back to her room but on her way back she stopped and went back a few steps.. “I’ll take that as a promise she added”

He replied back with the same confidence ” Any given day”


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