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Dina had a very long day at work but one thing clicked with her and stayed messing around in the back of her mind all day is that conversation she had with Nermeen and Mariam her colleagues from work, there was a discussion that started off when Mariam was talking about her breaking up with her late boyfriend which took place over 6 months before,  and things were in such a bad manner that he told her that she’d never be able to find another man and how everyone would talk about her and her reputation would be ruined and how this broke her , Nermeen was always trying to act like the goody good girl , the one who never does anything wrong and who criticises everyone just because she thinks she’s always doing her best trying to side on the right side of things so she simply went on about , how women should keep their dignity and how a proper woman shouldn’t put herself in a risky situation and all of that.. She sometimes even made fun of Mariam for actually believing she could find love by dating someone…And regularly said it “a man who goes out with you , will never marry you.. And today when the subject was opened Mariam openly defended the common societal mentality and feelings towards how everything is seen about men and women..But Dina couldn’t really find any of this convincing..

Dina : So you are telling me , simply that a guy has the right to screw around , do anything and everything he wants without ever bearing responsibility, while the girl should always watchout for incoming backstabbing from people and always being judged about everything she does ? come on where’s the sense in that ?

Nermeen replied : men and women aren’t the same Dina, and hence they shouldn’t be treated the same.. Everything is clear, if a girl should not put herself in a position where she compromised she wouldn’t be in such a touchy position to begin with!

Mariam turned at Dina : people will judge you anyway Dina, you will never escape them

Dina replied : i couldn’t care less about people but it’s what we do by letting them take control with what they say or do is what harms us… What put men on this high of a pedestal that allows a man to take everything from a woman and then throw her like a broken toy to look f or the next…What gives them such right ?

Nermeen looked at Dina carefully then added: our society does this..And I agree… Men are the backbone of the society , they make the money and they do the spending , without them we are nothing..

Mariam who was still trying to move on with her life after her last experience also replied : I may not agree with what Nermeen says or believe this is how it should be! but am not sure where’s the problem either…

Nermeen responded sarcastically : of course you wouldn’t know you’ve dated four times and were dumped like three times.. what do you expect ? That any man would want you ?

Dina didn’t like the way Nermeen portrayed this and became more frustrated with her senseless attitude and looked at her for a moment responding : No the problem isn’t in the girl , the problem lies in people like you , people who strengthen men and encourage them to do the wrong thing and tell them that’s ok dear, what ever you do there’s always more.. And one day  you will get married! so why worry ? Why the hell should he even care if he hurts or messes some girl’s life ?

Dina went on : it’s because we women allow our brothers and sons to mess around with other girl’s hearts .. And men aren’t the backbone of any society .. Mothers are the backbone of any society because what they bring up their daughters and sons to do is how you create a society..So the sickness we have in our society is because of women like you Nermeen.. Women like you who are not objective and do not put everything in its correct scale… You blame girls for having feelings and being human but do not blame men for being acting like animals or spoiled brats and opportunistic people who take advantage just as soon as they see the opening.. The problem is in how we encourage the wrong behaviour.. No man or woman should toy with anyone else’s feelings.. Love and passion are things that everyone experiences.. Whether you want to admit it or deny it that is up to you…

Nermeen was angry at the turn of the conversation and responded aggressively : it’s because of girls like you that women get harassed on the streets ! you think you have the right to do what ever you want !! you dress whatever you like ! you encourage men sin ! you show them your flesh and let yourself be seen as a toy.. And if they take advantage of that yes it’s your fault ! if a man harasses you on the bloody street it’s your fault..

Dina’s eye brows went to the edge of her face not even believing a word she’s heard : are you calling me some sort of slut ? So a guy’s entitled to go out showing us the crack of his ass through a disgustingly looking pair of boxers while I will be harassed for perfectly normal clothing !! Are you kidding me ??? You’ve travelled abroad haven’t you ? have you ever seen any of the disgusting things that happen here , happen over there?

Nermeen replied firmly : they think different than us, this is not the same !

Dina was surprised but then again regained her composure : Oh really ? different ? how aren’t they people made of flesh , blood and feelings just like us ?

Nermeen was about to  reply and actually began to talk  : But…

And Dina cut her off , at this point Mariam was very silent watching both her colleagues almost at each other’s throat … She wanted to side with Dina but she knew Nermeen was the majority of people so she remained quiet..

Dina added : We give people the opportunity to ridicule and abuse us.. We let women let their daughters become preys of other men just because they want them to get married.. WE WE WE WE WE Women.. IT all starts with us and not them… BUT we also shape them … If a mother brings up her son to understand , value and appreciate a girl , he would never harm her..

Dina was flash backed into her car where she just seeing a young couple in the car in front of her having a conversation… And she whispered.. “Don’t break her”


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