Under pressure…

He was heading to work when this song began to play on his car’s DVD system “Under pressure”

‘Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you, no man ask for
Under pressure that burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets’

“Damn it !!” he exclaimed as he hit the steering wheel with his fist … He just had gone into one of those philosophical arguments which ended up by him just taking his keys and leaving for work.. “Why can’t she understand ? Why can’t see that I am trying to protect her ? Share with her what I know ? give her strength I have and open her eyes on how to handle things differently !! She’s an excellent person if only she would use her mind rather than let her feelings take control !! But no … ”

He hit down on his horn as one car came out of its lane without signaling and almost hit him from the right side and passed by … He blew a bit of air trying to calm himself down..”why is it that she is not trying to make use of any of those gifts she has!! she has so much to give to herself before any one… ” And now a movie of all the arguments they had before began to play in his mind.. It always starts the same.. Always ends the same… He shook his head for a moment before thinking to himself… “What can I do to try and change things ? What can I do to make her see ? ”  , gradually he began to calm down and realize that this won’t get him any where and definitely will not let him fix anything… “She invests so much in her emotions she can hardly see anything else…”

He began to calm down further and pressed the track back and began to listen to the song again ‘Under pressure’



Looking for her keys around the apartment , her mobile and sunglasses … She frustratingly exclaims “Where are they !!! I left them here !! RIGHT HERE!!” , she kept looking around for a while and decided she’s fed up and sat down to her diner’s table laid her head on her hand and closed her eyes.. “He can’t get it !! He simply can’t !! he doesn”t udnerstand how much it hurts when I do my best and no one sees it.. .He doesn’t understand that I need to talk .. And that despite I know what he says probably is what makes ‘Sense’ , but I don’t need sense !! I need him to embrace me ! I need him to tell me it will be ok !! I don’t want him to solve my problem !! Maybe later on … But not now !! When I am ready… When I am ready I will do what needs to be done.. Even if I don’t end up doing it …” ,

She sighed before sinking again in her thoughts “All what cares about is fixing everything !! wanting to make sense of everything , eliminating every problem that comes across our way… But I just don’t want this !! I simply don’t ! I am not emotional… I just need to be listened to.. Without doing anything.. Just that he listens to me… I don’t know how to tell him that… I can’t express my feelings no matter how clear they are no matter how hard I try… If he can’t feel it , I can’t help him… ”

Her eyes opened looking around where she found her stuff lying around where left them but covered with one of their kid’s drawings.. She took a deep breath and headed out…



Bluetooth call shows up on her car kit’s screen  , she pressed the button and answers:

“Still on the way ?” his voice came across…

“Yeah , you arrived already? ” she calmly replies

“Yep , listen … I wanted to tell you … I really don’t mean to bother you or make you feel that am not supportive ! ” he says initiating the conversation

” I know , that’s ok , it’s behind me now… I know you mean well ” she replies

” Yes, but you know the thing is… I just want to help you overcome your problems.. I want you to be able to deal with things” he replies

She closes her eyes and shakes her head thinking to herself “it doesn’t change !! it won’t change.. not anytime soon I guess”

She answers him back ” Listen , I really know what you mean… ”

He realizes that he just went at it again.. bites on his lower lip thinking to himself  “Shit , I messed it up again !”

” Listen.. How about we go out for lunch today , we haven’t done that in a while.. Let’s not talk about anything just go out for a change and have a good time” trying to lift up the mood and steer away from messing things up anymore..

” Ok , let me think about it .. And I’ll call you in a bit” she replies feeling a bit flattered that he changed the subject to something more interesting

“No come on we haven’t gone out in quite sometime… I promise ” he says pleadingly , knowing he’s missed going out with her for quite sometime..

She takes a deep breath ” ok , ok we’ll go out !”  as she begins to try to forget the whole argument ..

“Can you smile please ? I know that you really want to kick my butt at the moment ” he says slightly jokingly

She slightly giggles “Well… Maybe a bit … but am nice , will see you after work , now talk to you later”

They both hang up…


* In the minds and hearts of those in love , the journey is more than the passion and the feelings inside , it is only to grow with time as every day passes by*











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