It was valentine’s day… And suddenly the whole country was painted in red… Flowers… Teddy bears… Not mention that it a season.. You’d be imaged that how can all these shops all of a sudden come up with all that red stuff for just one day that miraculously disappears after that one single day… He was headed to one of the computer shops in the City Stars mall and most of the conversations he was hearing were about Valentine’s , gifts , dinners etc… “Where will you take me ?  What did you bring me ? ”  and much more.. He was in his mid thirties , five foot 9 with black hair brushed to the side with a small white patch on his sideburns that’s invading more and more of his hair giving him an aura of an “Homme distingué”  , he went to the gym twice a week and played soccer with his old school mates on Friday which kept him in relatively good shape, he had a lot going for him in terms of his career but there was one area that was still vacant and on days like these it began to nag him despite the fact that he showed no interest what so ever..  He walked across the mall observing people in silence , girls and ladies with their red jumpers or jackets… Escorted by their boyfriends, fiancees or husbands.. Nothing unusual from any other year.. Something he got used to and even made fun of every now and then because there’s always a few scenes every year of people who really take Valentine’s to another new level craziness or lameness  … He arrived to the shop and decided to switch his mind off that subject, he really never preferred it anyway, he felt it drained his energy and wasted his time..

He walked inside quickly scouring with his eyes what’s new and what’s not , occasionally brushing off the sales people gently who want to offer help with a simple “Thank you , am just having a look around “… Sales people around most shops like to choke customers by just getting in their way offering services.. Some however are more intelligent in the way they handle customers but those are few anyway… He heard a lady having fight over at the cashier over something she bought or was buying… He didn’t pay attention to the details and continued his shopping … He found an interesting laptop and asked about it’s details and as soon as the salesman came back with the answer he ordered one…

There was only one cashier so he headed to it and the woman was still there.. He clearly began to get what’s going on since he had to stand close by…

The woman went furiously ” You just want to rip me off !! I bought this tab just one week ago !! JUST ONE WEEK and now’s not working and you expect me to keep purchasing receipts !! For God’s sake man you’re using a computer !!”

The Cashier responded calmly “Miss it’s the shop’s policy there’s nothing really I can do for you ” as he points to the sign with the instructions..

She responded with more anger ” You have the serial number , you have my mobile phone what else do you want to prove I bought it !!”

The cashier responded ” Am sorry miss I really wish I could help … Can you please just let us end this issue we have another client who’s standing”

“I don’t give a damn about who’s waiting ” she exclaimed  ” I want you to replace this” she stormed at him

Akram tried to intervene calmly and hopefully calm the angry miss  ” Miss.. I think it’s not really in his hands he’s just doing what he’s told , I understand your frustration”

“Oh and another moron joins the party , Sir please keep your business to yourself and don’t intervene” She snapped..

only a few seconds she just realized she just insulted a person she doesn’t even know… And she was very embarrassed , only that her face was already red because of her anger it didn’t show… But what was done was done , she couldn’t back down

“Moron ?” he exclaimed, he was taken by the instantly anger and decided to back down.. He actually left the laptop on the cashier counter and ignored the woman completely and said ” I’m coming back when the nutcase is over”

And he left … Her eyes grew wide with anger “Nutcase … Who are you calling nutcase Mister!” and she went right after him only to slip on wiping mop which one of the employees to rub the floor in the shop …. “aaaaaaah ” she screamed ..

Everyone’s face was growing wide with a smile to see the woman fall but no one anticipated what happened next , but just as she fell Akram turned only to find her landing in his arms… Her face looked up to him… And it was silence… Everyone’s eyes grew with amazement … She looked him for a second before …. He said “Would you mind if the Moron would buy you a coffee?”

Even Akram himself was surprised to the fact that he actually invited this woman who’s a complete stranger and to top it  just insulted him without any right to …”What kind of a jackass am I ? ” he thought to himself and he expected another insult to come hit him in the face..

The woman was already embarrassed enough by her entire situation and what she ended up making of herself and for some strange reason she found herself replying in a very shy tone ” ok ”

And they both walked out of the shop silently… People in the shop stood there between those who scratched their heads, those making fun  and those who thought this was very odd…

Akram took walked with her to a nearby coffee shop as they sat…

“I apologize for insulting you ” She said , “that was very rude of me… But it’s just you just popped up in a very bad time for me..” she added…

Akram shook his head understanding and replied ” I can see that , but you need to…Be a bit more calm maybe? ”

She nodded silently… “Why did you ask for that coffee? if I may ask? ”

Akram looked up for a second before looking at her and adding “Honestly ?”

She shook her head approvingly  , And he shook his shoulders replying ” I have absolutely no idea why … It’s seemed for some reason the right thing to do .. I really can’t explain how or why!”  then he added ” but your reaction was more of a surprise .. I thought you’d insult me again , I actually thought to myself “What did I just do ? I just asked for it!”

Dressed in black trousers black high heels , a blue jacket and white shirt, Dina had auburn hair that extended beyond her shoulders by a few inches with dark hazel eyes,  She giggled remembering the whole scene and situation before she responded  ” I have no idea why I agreed , but for some reason  I felt I’ve made a fool of myself more than enough for one day I guess ?  am not really sure”

Akram smiled gently as he looked at her silently ” This is turning to be quite a weird day” he exclaimed , to which she nodded sipping her coffee “On the scale of 1/10 this definitely goes for 10” she replied


They spent an hour or so chatting and drinking their coffee and then they said their good byes and each parted their ways…But something from that day on… Would never be the same.. It was a moment that surprised them both .. A moment that was not even in mind.. It was uninvited..



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