Of man and dream


What is it that makes a person unique?Is it their looks? Is intelligence? A certain skill or ability? Personality? Wealth? …Many things make us and perhaps not just one of these but perhaps certain traits that leave landmarks into other people’s lives.. Over the past 2 days seeing how a person such as‪#‎Bassem_Sabry‬ (Whom I do not personally know or even ever met) had affected the lives of those around him , those who knew him , lived with him , read for him … You begin to realize how there are special people in this world , even in our world where nothing seems to be right , when people have no problem at pointing at wrong and calling it right and even coming up with a thousand justifications for it.. But yes, there are unique people, people who will still give this cursed world a beautiful shade and continue to spread hope… It becomes sad when such people disappear from our our world.. It makes us even feel sometimes the world is becoming a more cruel place, more than it already is .. It takes away sometimes all what is bringing a ray of light into our eyes.. But I dare to differ … When something good goes away.. Another will be born … In fact this should be a motive for us all to try to learn and push for becoming better , simply better people…


I know its never going to be the same as to how this one person has affected your life.. But what they leave in you , me and others is what we should share with the world, what we should try to push forward.. What we should try to spread out… Many of you out there have every right to mourn the loss of a great friend , thinker and person who has affected your lives simply by who he is.. But also If I were you , I would commemorate this person in a way I would know he would like to be remembered by simply spreading the hope and thoughts they shared with you or created inside you… The world we live in today or that at any point any human being has lived in has and will always have its dark side… I know at least over a 100 people in my list of over 1000 friends which I know have a great impact on those who know them or even have come across them even for such a short period.. And I am sure among the other 900 are hidden gifts that they do not know about … I know that you as a person , as a human being , not just as an Egyptian or in the place you work.. But simply by being who you are can help change the lives of many , even in such an indirect way , you would probably never even notice. Bassem perhaps has passed away .. But his legacy lives on .. In your minds and in your hearts… I see no reason why it should be trapped there.. I see no reason why you should even think that you have nothing to compare or even share.. The average human being uses less than 10% of his capacity…. That tells you something… People sometimes think that in order to have an impact on the world you need to have something REALLY special such as an extremely developed mathematical or analytic skill , amazing as it maybe but here you have , a person who just proved what I always believed in others that a person with his/her simplicity can have a tremendous impact on others.. Which is what Bassem did…


I believe Bassem would have not wanted to see any of you go into severe moods of depression even though the separation is difficult but he would rather see your smiles.. I believe that he would rather see you drive your lives forward with hope and gratitude and continuous strive for better… I have been thinking over the past 2 days of something I wanted to say about this matter despite the fact that I am completely away or perhaps have no right to speak of a person I just heard his name for the very first time 48 hours ago… After all what I have just shared.. I think not that there’s much to be said.. I think not there’s much to be added.. But one last thing I will continuously believe in , even if I myself become such a pessimist, hope survives.. The sky will become blue… The rainbows will rise… May Bassem rest in peace and be in a place better than where we are today.. And May we turn this place into a better place tomorrow..

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