The Human Be-Racist

Till not so long ago we used to call ourselves and sometimes we still do call ourselves Human Beings.. But the more I get to see how people are treating each other , reacting towards one another it becomes more and more clear that we are no longer Human Beings but Human Be-Racists.. Societies all over the world claim to fight racism in every form but what I’ve come to notice time and again is that every society has a different form or forms of racism.. So you hear in places like North America more concerns on ethnics , color, illegal immigrants.. While in a place like Egypt you hear stuff like , “He’s good despite being Christian or he’s ok for a Muslim” , in other places it’s about social standard.. Or what background do you come from , or what nation do you hail from.. Hasn’t anyone in the least of sense ever thought that the God everyone at least from my point of view has created so many things to show us without the shadow of a doubt that just keep on flashing that we are all humans despite all the different places we hail from ..

The problems that societies face to great extent are the same , poverty , cheating , lies , jobs , career pursue , money … And many more.. Can someone highlight to me what’s the difference between an African American cheating on his wife and a Caucasian American cheating on his wife? If I dissect both will I find any difference? Is there something that establishes that any one is superior than the other.. Even those who are not racist in the form of color , religion or upbringing background.. Simply someone who’s gifted , for example high level IQ and looks at others as if they’re nobodies.. Isn’t that a form of racism ?

The question that I would like to ask to all those that live around me from every corner of the globe.. What makes you think you’re better than others.. We all say things to soothe ourselves and try to convince ourselves that we are righteous one way or another.. It’s true that life isn’t fair and constantly puts us in situations where we are tested time and again … But the question again is and what do we do to make things better?

When do we stop judging each other and stop the constant attempts to take on the role of something we are not.. We are not Gods.. We are not rulers and if we were it doesn’t mean we can just mess with anyone and just make jokes or belittle them or try to make them look inferior…

Look at the world we live in today.. We have advanced nations, poor nations , third world countries.all these labels which despite being built on economic pure study facts but isn’t it somewhat a way to say.. WE are better than you!  Having a Rolls Royce doesn’t mean you can be a perfectly mean jackass *Ahem excuse my french* who doesn’t know squat. Being a genius doesn’t mean or give you the right to just consider other people just as bugs..

How do we find peace in just posting stuff on facebook calling people we’ve lived with for years idiots , morons , and other names just because we differ… For God’s sake , our toes are not the same , yes I meant to choose toes because for once I want you to look down.. Stop looking at the skies and just think that you’re above everyone else..

When do we start to consider the fact that whatever we were given is never an excuse to step over others in any way … The world is daily losing touch with heart and mind and more focused with the matter.. It’s becoming more and more sad that I see people who have perfect vision deter from the reality that it is shining very clear or perhaps it is me who’s just seeing it and that I need to change the glasses from which I see the world.. This is no longer the age of the Human Being for we have forgot apparently the true meaning of simply ‘Being’ , it is the age now of the Human Be-Racist , for we are working very hard to find and come up everyday with more and more reasons to just split us apart and help us turn against each other, mentally , morally and any other thought that might come to your mind…

If there’s only one thing I could say.. Is that this world will stay and it is us who fade away..Nothing will be left but dishonor and dismay.. I hope one day others will find the way

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