Infinix Zero – REVIEW-

So, a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to get my hands on one of the ‘INFINIX’ latest releases The ‘Zero’.

Now at first I was told I was going to receive a smartphone for testing and reviewing by, by then I was curious and I wanted to know what sort of device it would be. I received the Zero and being the guy who loves gadgets I began instantly checking it out.

The Infinix Zero is a part of the Inifinix mobility set of devices that are designed in France. The Zero comes with a 5” screen and Android Kit Kat 4.4.2, with a 13 megapixel camera.  Also it is a Dual Sim device with an Octa Core 1.4 MHz processor.

I’ve took the phone for some testing for a couple of days and to be honest I was surprised with the performance it showed and then I decided to give it the more heavy duty testing ‘My Wife!’ and observe. My wife being a Samsung & LG loyal fan and who’s been using their devices for over 5 years now, seemed to me the perfect testing!

What I got:

  • The device
  • Accessories
  • Cover
  • Screen Protector

20141120_152036 20141120_155134



The device runs very smoothly, application response is pretty good, the screen is very clear, and no signs of heating up when playing for an hour or more. Voice is very clear, when I even tried having the calls from different devices since I own an android and a windows mobile device, all seemed perfect in terms of quality of reception and delivery.

The device runs pretty fast, with a 16 GB of memory and 2 GB of RAM


The 5” screen is now the most adopted size and is considered pretty much the trend now, one of the things for example Apple was chased to have. Infinix didn’t disappoint the users on that end with a decent 1280×720 pixels

Inifinix Screen

(This screenshot is a bit distorted because I re-sized the photo and had to stretch it, so it doesn’t reflect the actual quality of the screen)


The device comes pretty much with the standard accessories anyone gets nowadays, USB/MicroUSB Charging cable, charger, headphones and the ejection pin for the Sim Cards and SD memory card. Nothing fancy here.

20141120_154833 20141120_155244


The device delivers a decent level of performance which would satisfy the needs of the average user in terms of usability and users will find the device to be very tempting on the price end since you will find it almost beating half the price of other famous brands in the market! However there are some tiny glitches that I believe could have made this device win more user points. These glitches are mainly the function buttons (Home, Back & Options Key) the three dots make it rather confusing for the user’s first experience and would have to sort of learn on trial and error but once they are there all will be ok. The second and major downside is the battery with 1900 mAmp which is very low makes the device last for a day given you are going easy on the device in terms of usage so if you use too much apps or internet, the device will need to be charged maybe once or twice. And my wife is extremely happy with the device!

Also for all the geeks out there I’ve took the time to compile a quick comparison to some of the most used phones today compared to the Infinix Zero. I believe for the major brands this little machine will cause some turbulence specially that Infinix’s offering gets the user the feeling of the high end smartphones which they cannot afford.

By the end of the day I give the Infinix Zero a score of 7.5/10

Click Here to Download the Comparison Chart – HERE

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