Pulling back the stick

I’m known.. In fact , I’m too well known for my fondness of WWII history.. An era that can be called traumatic and responsible for many things including the shape of the world we live in today.. But it was never the darkest pits of human suffering during this war that fascinated me, but rather the strength, the power , the endurance and in so many times, the heroism of the group or the individual.. Some would argue with a very valid and true statement that sacrifice and heroism have existed since the creation of man kind.. So what makes WWII so special.. I find it hard to explain.. But somehow I feel connected.. I could hear the sirens.. The sounds of the engines of a Spitfire or a Messerschmidt.. I can smell the grease and oil of a T-34 from the coldest parts of Russia facing off against the mighty wrath of the German Whermacht Tanks… I can see the Japanese soldiers charging at American outposts in the Pacific… It’s another world that lives within me.. I cannot personally explain how I am connected but I know the connection is there..One person though.. One person stands out.. A man who technically yet cynically bought the world to his feet, yet he had no legs.. A man who wanted to fly when he had no legs.. A man who walked on both stumps without a stick.. And I am talking about someone who did this in the late 1930s..A man who learned the hard way when he lost his legs and would later use this same quote to guide his squadron “Rules are for the obedience of fools and guidance of wise men”.. His sheer will power and character instantly overshadowed anyone around him.. Despite losing several years to his colleagues in promotions.. He fulfilled his dreams. He flew, faught, won , crashed, got captured, tried to escape and spent the rest of his life later on flying and playing 18 holes of golf.. Without no legs, only leather strapped stumps..It is this sort of characters that attract me and perhaps render me completely lost in my own realm.. No matter how many times I’ve read his story, it is never the least dull or meaningless.. In fact it reminds me of how much we have to fight back.. He didn’t surrender neither to the physics or gravity of life,not just that but he also flew into the horizon.. He Reached for the sky..

– Inspired by the book “Reach for the sky”

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