The Door Maker


She walks along the streets quietly forever more.. Armed with a camera 00d697bafb55a87a33742a62597b269band nothing more.. Looking across the buildings and windowed floors.. Scouring carefully at the doors..

A light, some shade, angles and a click.. The shutter moves snapping a moment in time of eternal memories from ancient times.. The wood has a story to tell.. The iron had a journey in hell, hammered shaped for her eyes to see.. Fifty years later or so it seems..

Building after building.. Door after door, it’s her own world and nothing more.. It’s not just a door but a portal to yesterday. Somewhere she wished to have always been.. Into the building and next to the door..

The scent of Turkish coffee coming from the man next door, sitting in his veranda, hair as white as snow. Having his coffee in a chilling Egyptian morning.. He sees her standing there camera in hand mesmerized by the door.. “Come here child” he quietly exclaims.. “Are you talking to me” she smiles and says..

He asks her in, and she passes through the long wooden door, her eyes still fixed on it even as she passes it by..

She has a seat right next to him and smiles while offering her some coffee..

After a sip of a tantalizing Turkish coffee trickles down her throat, her eyes laid shut for several seconds.. Not talking or even thinking.. The wind calmly blowing its chilly breeze brushing her face and through her hair..

Only the voice of the old gentleman interrupts her dreams.. “Why?”

She opens her eyes, smiles and still about ask for clarification but her smiles and asks again “I mean why the doors?”

She smiles and her cheeks begin to shine like ripe fruit on a summer day full of color and full of life.. And as she begins to answer “I wish…”

He smiles and adds “So do I”

She threw her head slightly to the side.. Smiling at the gentleman “How did you know?”

He giggled and smiled responding calmly “Because I’ve made the door, I’ve made this portal to my own space and time.. When people had an entry into their own realm a key to their kingdom if you will”

She looked at him with awe as if she had just encountered a fairy.. “You’ve made dreams come true”

He replied “Yes I did!  And for quite some time, but progress came along and with time, the people stopped dreaming and doors stopped appearing and everyone got taken in to a world of things rather than a world of dreams”

The light in her eyes began to fade, as she knew all too well what he was saying, she answered him “These doors are my escape”

He looked at her and smiled “That’s why I called you in. I can see the land of your dreams”

Her cheeks blushed again “Only if I..”

“Could go back in time? Lovely at as it may seem but impossible as it is..”He added then smiled “Tell me young one, would you like to see a door that hasn’t found its kingdom yet?”

Her eyes glowed with excitement as she nodded quietly “Yes, I would love that..”

He smiled knowing he hasn’t seen such eyes in a very long time.. Leading the way she followed him around his home, down slowly into a basement floor.. He opened the door and there it was lying on a table covered in cloth… The dust of a seventy years covering the cloth.

He grabbed the tip of the cloth and slowly pulled it off.. And there it was.. The most beautiful ever crafted door, she could hardly breathe taken away by its craftsmanship and art, a door she’s always sought out to find but never quite came across.. The door.. The door of her dreams..

Her observed her quietly as she ran her hand against each and every detail, the wood, the metal , the drawings, eyes closed she can see it all with her eyes closed.

She stood there for a moment then noticed the time, it’s time for her to go.. “I think I have to go, but do you think I can come once more?” she said..

He nodded and said “My hear is now at rest for my door has found its place”



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