Shereen woke up and sat in her bed, she closed her eyes for a few seconds and she could see the events of her life streaming right in front of her mind but she shook her head, she didn’t want that , not so early in the morning. She stretched a bit and got up, walking to the bathroom, washed her face, water was one thing that she thought was refreshing , that instant chill it leaves on her face makes have a moment of forgetfulness, when her mind freezes that one second.

She went to the kitchen, prepared her coffee and walked out to her small apartment’s garden, placing her coffee on the table and sitting on the chair, she hugged her knees sort of a signature sit of hers.. The rays of the sun were flashing right in front of her, she glanced at her cell phone placed next to her coffee mug, she could see a few missed calls and Whatsapp messages, Facebook notifications and one particular from Hesham her boyfriend “Hey Noona! what’s up! I’ll be passing by you today at 7 ?”.

They’ve been seeing each other for over 7 years now, their relationship is as close as probably any married couple could get, it has its ups and downs and started in one way and now it’s just something else as Shereen would always put it.. She never liked to talk to anyone about her private life, in fact she always keeps herself busy with her work as an architect as well as her new passion for pole dancing. She took a sip of her coffee. So much has changed for Shereen during these 7 years, some good, some not so good and some from where she stands, awfully unbearable. She remembers the fights and discussions she used to have with her family which regarded most if not all of her actions as irresponsible person, from the minute she decided to do anything she likes to the moment she decided to live on her own. But she fights that’s what she has always done. She’s had it her way most of the time, but with a price, the price might be in looks , in treatment , things she hears.. “What are people going to say about you?” “What will can I say? I have a crazy daughter?” she would hear that from her mother quite a lot, her question to them was “What have I done so horrible to be treated this way?” , on the other hand she would see her sister Sara’s who’s avoided all family interaction by getting a job abroad who’s being treated like the woman of responsibility, because she traveled abroad ‘Living alone!’ “Poor Sara she’s tired all the time” ” she has no time” , “she’s working her ass off in a foreign country after being promoted with her company here and sending her abroad”

One word comes to Shereen’s mind instnatly “Wow” , she takes another sip of her coffee and lights up a cigarette, she then turns to reread the message she got from Hesham, then mumbles “even you  have changed”, she recalls the romantic moments they spent the first 3 years and later on, everything changed since he got obsessed with  starting up his own company. Her thoughts were interrupted by the buzzing of her cell phone, and on it came the name “Roopa”, as soon as she picked up “Hey babe” the voice from the other side came, “What are you up to ?”

Shereen took a deep breath “You know Roopa ! nothing much just having my coffee and sitting here!”

Roopa replied “Listen up am on my way to you, got us a couple of good sandwiches!”

Shereen nodded her head “Ok come over!”

They hung up and a few seconds Roopa was there. Roopa was her best friend from school, another crazy person in her life and Shereen felt she always has to be on the lookout for her, she adored her, she was crazy but she adored her none the less, but underneath that very outgoing funny crazy woman layer is a deep understanding person who just refuses to come up because has had too much shit in her life, but she gets Shereen she gets her quite well in fact, Shereen is one of the rare people who get to see her understanding side. “Hey ya Mozza!” (Moza is equivalent of babe in Egyptian) , Roopa said ecstatically, “I got us some good munchies, lets eat”, ” I don’t believe how you are able to be that awake at 9:30 am in the morning on a Friday! You are crazy woman!! You know that don’t you?” Shereen replied with her eye brows heavily risen, her eyes still saying they want to sleep but her damned mind won’t let her! “That’s why you LOVE me!” Roopa replied in her typical behavior.

They sat and ate and have not said a word.. They put on their sun glasses, coffee in their hands and just sat back looking out towards the sky, aimlessly perhaps, but it’s some sort of weird way of trying to find an answer to life and an escape from life at the same time.

For a whole 20 minutes they just sat there in complete silence. They would do this sort of thing, they wouldn’t prepare for it , they wouldn’t talk about it, they would just do it. Then Roopa spoke up ” Hey ya Sherry what’s up with you and Hesham , nothing much happening lately?”

Shereen just shook her shoulders, then said “I really don’t get to be honest, it’s like am watching my relationship with him like a third party! You know what I mean , it’s like there’s another me watching  watching him and me! He’s more and more obsessed with making things work for his company and I’m not sure if he sees it , he perhaps thinks its normal, I can’t say he doesn’t care, I know deep down he does, but he’s becoming more and more distant, and I’m too tired of it all, his behavior has changed a lot, sometimes its up, sometimes its way down. I really don’t know and sometimes I reach the point of  ‘ I don’t want to know, I don’t want to care, am sick of it all!”

Roopa adjusted herself in her seat and faced Shereen ” He’s just a guy ya Sherry, every guy does that, look at me I’m divorced  been married for what 10 years or so, no kids thank God but none the less he changed”

Sherry added “No but your husband was a scoundrel who couldn’t keep his pants on! that’s quite different!”

Roopa giggled ” True but men are all scumbags! Their attention span is that of an ant, it’s either work , sports, another woman, another car , another trip! They shove us into their lives, get us all interested and then just dump us, ignore us or just keep acting plain weird!”

Sherry broke out in a hard laugh “You are a piece of work woman !! You’re so messed up and complicated! ”

Roopa replied “But you love me! And that’s what counts”

They both continued to sip their coffee and decided to forget , to forget and just gaze quietly at the sky… But for Shereen, there was a question that roamed her mind, “What will I do?” , and again she was interrupted by Roopa “Stop thinking for a while and just forget! forget everything now! drink you God damned coffee and forget!”

Shereen smiled “I swear you’re crazy!I Swear to God you are craziest woman I know!” , Roopa replied “I have every right woman! I was married for 10 years, I’ve freaking earned it!”

One thought

  1. It’s an interesting convo, but you might want to reduce the use of the word crazy. There’s nothing crazy about either of those two ladies. They’re in fact very normal characters among us.

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