Drum Roll


It was a very quiet night when Raymon ( Raymond but in Egyptian the D is just ignored) walked into that new jazz club in farthest part of the fifth settlement quite a deserted area to begin with , and they’d never been to before nor he or the band… He adjusted his black framed glasses and played with his mustache which he had curled from the sides as if he was a master plotter about to prepare an assault on the place. He looked at the band members “Well seems we have a place to raise from the dead here”

There was no sound what so ever in the place, people even looked very unusually quiet..Raymon was known to be quite the prankster , he pulled one of the waiters passing by from his arm , the waiter almost spilled the glasses he had on his tray , before Raymon added ” Listen up, Mealem ( word for boss or chief , slang when addressing common people to sort of get a conversation starting) what’s up with this place? Was there a zombie apocalypse ? Has a bus run over people ? or what’s up with the place? We were told the place totally rocks! And that they got us because we’re a big hit and stuff.. From what I see.. the place like we need to plow people’s heads out of their slumber!!”

The waiter looked at him eye brows raised , in disbelief of what Raymon had just said.. because he said it so loud that every head in the place almost turned at him !!

The waiter scrambled quickly to return to his work, while Raymon just stood there realizing the situation they are now  in … And he just goes “Wow!! You are all Alive!! That is awesome…”

The expressions on people’s faces began to look more inquisitive near disgust sort of looks as if asking questions such as, who the hell is that? Who’s Mr. Funny cause no one’s laughing !

One of the band members leaned in to whisper into Raymon’s ears , “You do realize you are about to get us kicked or beaten, perhaps both ?”

He replied with his usual loud voice ” HAH! Relax mate !! Don’t worry , don’t worry, they all seem to be like really nice folks here , I don’t see any sharp teeth or ferocious.. Besides we’re here to entertain them! right? ”

The band looks at each other as they begin to follow Raymon up on the stage … Everyone began to attach their equipment.. As Raymon began get himself seated , lights were in their faces and he could see the crowds faces a bit more clearer, and things didn’t look quite optimistic to say the least..

“Sooooooooooo !! Are you ready to rock this place tonight everybody?” Raymon shouted out as his band were still adjusting their equipment.. But no answer came and people just brushed him off with their looks at and continued with their small talks and drinks..

“Hmmm Bro, are you sure this is gonna work?” another band member asked..

Raymon, looked at him still playing with his mustache, before replying “I have no fucking clue but we’re still gonna do something about it !”

Raymon looked at his lead guitarist who had just finished and yelled at him ” Hey , Fares! I’ve been hearing lately rumors that your skills suck big time! why don’t you show me what you’ve got!”

And Raymon began to do a drum solo, challenging Fares into a solo battle. Raymon fired away for a good 8 seconds before letting Fares take his turn, who went on with his lead guitar to fifteen seconds with his own Solo… Only for Raymon to respond with another twenty five second response , at that point the crowds began to turn their heads and see what was going on.. Raymon had an extremely serious face unlike the joking one people had saw when they had walked in or when he openly spoke in the place.. Fares had to keep up, and try to match the skill of Raymon if they were to pull this night off!

Fares began to get had entered his mood zone and began to forget anyone’s watching and went into another 35 seconds solo himself , as Raymon began to work his magic on his drums even more and more , one would feel they’re at the presence of Buddy Rich, one of the shrines of drumming.. And the people began to actually enjoy this and their faces began to come more and more to life!

This continued for a good five minutes… the crowd was well and alive at that point , they were ready to rock and roll..

“Are we ready to rock this place people??”  and this time the response he sought is the one he got people yelled back in content and approval and wanting to get the night started!

“Take it away, mate!” Raymon yelled at Fares.. Who instantly began with the entrance of Dire Straits’s  “Money for nothing”

And the crowd roared and cheered as the band began to play…

The night went on for a good 3 hours and the crowd still wanted more, people were singing , jumping , screaming , shouting … And the band enjoyed every bit of it… By the end of the night they had booked with the place another 5 performances…

Fares the lead guitarist walked up to Raymon and laughed “You are one crazy mofo you know that?! Am sure you know it! ”

Raymon smiled back and laughed ” That’s music! its crazy shit man!! you want to earn the crowd, you have to take the risk! ”

The band crammed themselves  in their cars and took off…


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