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mohamed salah

I believe it is no secret that perhaps today almost everyone in Egypt is getting ready to watch the world cup, and perhaps have very high ambitions and expectations. But there’s one person who is giving the Egyptian population that level of high hope. One person who in so many ways is restoring the faith of Egyptians in themselves after years of perhaps belief that all is lost and there’s no hope.

The phenomena called “Mohamed Salah”, or as he goes now by “Mo Salah”. The Egyptian player who emerged from his simple origins to become the top player in the English Premier League for 2017-2018.

It is no secret that if you go on the streets of Egypt and ask people what they know about the leading top scorer in the English league, you will find everyone’s following him and his achievements.

But it’s time to ask the question. WHY? WHY is Mohamed Salah that shinning glimmer of hope? Is it because his goal put the Egyptian National team through to the World Cup? Is it because he’s one of the keys of the success of the club of Liverpool this year?

The answer is actually far from this. It is not what Mohamed Salah has done or continues to do. But it is HOW he does it that has become an inspiration to many not only in his native village, not only in his native country but to many of his fans all across the world.

Mohamed Salah’s name now is a synonym of perseverance, he has come a very long way, from riding that 4-hour train ride to Cairo every day to play with his club Al Mokawoloon Al Arab and had to ride that same 4-hour train ride just to go back home.

He got rejected by Egypt’s top 2 leading clubs Ahly & Zamalek and was told he doesn’t fit their criteria.

His name is a symbol of determination to learn, to grow and to be better. After reaching a club such as Chelsea where he was benched for almost his entire presence there by Jose Mourinho

A simple loan to Fiorentina changed everything, or did it? Everyone who knew Mohamed Salah knew he was determined character but that only remains on a very small scale. As long as you haven’t impressed the big clubs, you remain unnoticed. 3 years ago, Mohamed Salah was not the man followed by millions across the globe.

He began to carve out his name with Fiorentina and caught the eye of the fans, then a move to Roma where he pushed himself and became faster. It is will power to become better, perhaps to prove to himself before anyone that he’s a good player.

And he succeeded with flying colors capturing the hearts of the AS Roma fans and the fever of the young Egyptian spread out to Egypt. Then he began to be noticed the clubs began to talk about young player. And by far Mohamed Salah was sold to Liverpool FC as the most expensive Egyptian player ever. And he didn’t disappoint, Mohamed Salah captured the hearts of the Liverpool fans not only because he scored and not only because he helped his mate.

Mohamed Salah may not be the most ‘Talented’ player in the world, many might surpass in him skill. But the young player does have sheer will power, dedication and hard work that is so immense and so powerful that it has put him among the stars. And what added to him a certain level of uniqueness is his simplicity and kindness towards his nation and village. His personality didn’t change despite the big pay, he didn’t let the glory get to his head. This is what made him truly remarkable.

Mohamed Salah single handedly restored in Egypt the faith and believe of ‘We could do something great’, ‘We could be something great’

Despite that this is a given as there are many other Egyptians who await their moment to shine. But for now, Mohamed Salah has lightened the torch and lead the way.

This is why Mohamed Salah has become a phenomena, through persistence, hard work, determination. Which many of us are more than capable of achieving. But we also need to believe, we need to work hard, we need to never give up, we need to know and embrace that we will be constantly challenged and will fail on occasion but must not let that deter us from moving forward. We need to keep our eyes on the ball.


Side note: I do know for a fact that there are many successful Egyptians in various fields at the moment and I in no way am I trying to say that they are not any source of inspiration because they are in their own right. However the young simple man from Nagreg , Bassyoun in the governorate of Gharbiya seems to rule at the moment.


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